help with n-3

for the life of me, having trouble with figuring out n-3. What is the match patter? Every 1st and 4th? 3rd and 6th?
Please help!!!!!


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  1. martin says:

    Here are the matching rules for n=3:

    Look and listen for matches that are three places apart.

    Here is an example with four matching pairs:
    Q, K, M, G, K, M, P, P, Q, B, K, Q, M, Q, Q …

    I’ll repeat it with the matches marked by lower case:
    Q, K, M, G, k, m, P, P, Q, B, K, q, M, Q, q …

    You see that matches can overlap (the k and the m matches, e.g.). And that consecutive items of the same type don’t count as a match.

    It gets easier to understand when you think in triplets. You see that the matches line up below one another:
    Q, K, M,
    G, k, m,
    P, P, Q,
    B, K, q,
    M, Q, q …

    I hope this helps!

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