Creating an optimum environment.

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I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to create the perfect serene environment for maximum concentration.

At the moment, I switch off the lights, turn on two aromatherapeutic candles and put the screen on “full screen”.

Is this an effective way of training or is it bad for my eyes?

I’d love to hear your methods and what you find to be the best way to get the most out of your training.


John Chalmers.

MindSparke Brain Training Software

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  1. martin says:

    Hi, John.

    It’s a worthwhile endeavor to try to create or find an environment conducive to training. I’ve found that what I need varies according to my internal state-of-being. The more distracted and unfocused I feel, the more I need a calming, peaceful training environment. Conversely, I’ve managed to train in crowded, rowdy places when I’m calm inside.

    If I have dimmed the lights, I like to dim my screen and use a gray or muted color for the training theme. This seems to reduce stress on the eyes.

    Maximizing the browser window and using headphones also seem to be useful strategies. Turning off anything that beeps or pops up helps, too; such as phones or email programs.

    Best of luck and thanks for launching this topic.


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