Cath’s story so far after 7 days…

After my initial joy of improving every day (up to 3.4 on day four and then 3.6 on day five) I failed miserably on day 6, slumping back to 3.4 again.   Very frustrated – I tried to find reasons for it – I was tired and had just had two long telephone conversations, and was on a time limit, but i just couldn’t concentrate.

This morning I was a little nervous about trying again in case I had reached my limit and was never going to get past n=3, but today i finished with a mean score of 3.7!  phew!  I did cancel out of a few blocks when I lost my way but i finally think I have conquered n=3 as got a few 100% blocks.  I am starting to follow n=4 now and even successfully competed one n=5 with two in a row, but not sure how!!?

My biggest problem is still swapping between n=3 and n=4 as I get used to a pattern.  I tend to do better on Auditory than Visual – i find the sound easier to follow – is that normal?

Feeling more confident now about day 8 – bring it on!

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