Brain Training Report – Terry – Session 7

Session number: 7

Average n-back: 2

Session 7 and still feels like I’m guessing. No progress at all yet.
I’ll keep plugging away.

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

This post was submitted by Terry.

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4 Responses to “Brain Training Report – Terry – Session 7”

  1. martin says:

    Hi, Terry.

    Thanks for posting this. I’m sure that others have a similar experience when first starting on the training.

    It’s important that you plug away and avoid frustration. I’d also suggest that you try working with the “Practice” mode for a couple of days. You can work on just the auditory or just the visual until you start to see the patterns. By turning on the option to display matches, you’ll be able to have more certainty about your choices.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Terry says:

    What’s the definition of n? If n=3 what does that mean? I think I just wasted 8 days.

  3. martin says:

    Hello, Terry.

    n is the distance apart of the matches that you should be looking for…

    So, in the auditory sequence, for instance, when n=2, in the pattern F, G, H, G… the two Gs are a match.

    When n=3, in the pattern F, G, H, H, G… the two Gs are a match.

    I hope this helps. The “How It Works…” section of the Help guide has a fuller description and some diagrams.


  4. Terry says:

    Thanks Martin.
    That’s what I finally figured out. When I first started I thought that n was the number I skipped to get to the next match. So in the sequence F,G.G,F I thought that n=2 because I skipped 2 Gs to get the match. No wonder I missed so many. But I did much better today, I got n=2.4. It helps to do it right.

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