Brain Training Report – Session 273

brain training dual n-back

Brain Fitness Pro Session 273

Session number: 273

Average n-back: 11.2

Duration (estimate in minutes): 40

After a nearly two weeks of not training (returning from a vacation) I reached my second highest dual n-back score today – 11.2.

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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8 Responses to “Brain Training Report – Session 273”

  1. Scatterbrain says:

    Wow, 11.2!

    Given the amount of sessions you’ve had, what improvements have you noticed, if any, in areas which require you to memorise or implement information?


  2. martin says:

    Hi, Scatterbrain.

    Since I started training I’ve noticed some profound and wonderful cognitive changes. In memorization and implementation in particular I find that I tend to remember information two or three times more quickly than before I began training, and that processing that information (in writing or through analysis) has been similarly improved.

    I find that I am better able to organize and communicate my thoughts than ever before.

    These improvements have come in stages as I’ve improved at the training. Sometimes I’ve felt that I’ve reached a plateau only to move up again after a breakthrough.

    Best wishes,

  3. 2528dany says:

    I have a question, my BFI current is of 383 average is of 148 in all the exercises that I have done. Average always is the same my strength is but the line of vision that the auditory thing. Somebody can give an advice me to try to improve this situation. Thanks in which they can help me. Now definitively I am improving, I can read and include/understand concepts but fast. Definitively! It goes to me far better in my work!

  4. 2528dany says:

    What is a good goal of average in the “dual n-back”? At the moment I have 2.2

  5. 2528dany says:

    I do not understand n-3, anybody me can explain?

  6. martin says:

    Hello, Dany.

    At n=3 you look for and listen for matches that are three places apart. So, in the sequence:

    G, H, K, G, K, F

    There is just one match — the G in position 1 matches the G in position 4; they are three places apart.

    (Note that the K in position 3 doesn’t match with the K in position 5 because they are only two places apart.)

    Matches can overlap:

    G, H, K, G, H, F

    contains two matches – the two Gs and the two Hs.

    Best wishes,

  7. 2528dany says:

    My “dual n-back” is 329.
    I do not understand the other numbers of BFI, is very high. It is an error?
    Current BFI 80 975 256
    Original BFI 80 410 194
    Training Peers
    (under 3 months)
    Current BFI 80 962 248
    Original BFI 80 353 193
    Age Grp
    (20 to 39)
    Current BFI 83 563 276
    Original BFI 83 390 203

  8. 2528dany says:

    Dual n- back 2.4, after 18 sessions.
    BFI 329, that correct the above information.

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