Brain Training Report – Safzoro – Session 10

Session number: 10

Average n-back: 3.2

Duration (estimate in minutes): 35

Two steps forward, one step back, and I’m channeling Paula Abdul. I’m thinking, if this is to have any practical effect, I’ll have to go past the 19 day mark.

Meanwhile, I have an online cognitive assessment (or IQ test, to we traditionalists) to do shortly. As long as I don’t make any careless errors it’ll be fine. You don’t do an undergrad psych degree without just about memorizing WAIS in passing.

(To be honest, it annoys me that they use IQ tests to screen employees. Firstly, the tests are limited by the IQs and imaginations of the authors – multiple choice tests are measures of expectation, not intelligence. As anyone who has done the slightest maths knows that you can define the points in a function or sequence any way you like. Secondly, IQ tests screen for those who are good at IQ tests, not necessarily the best for the specific job. But then, I’m cynical.)

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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One Response to “Brain Training Report – Safzoro – Session 10”

  1. martin says:

    Hello, Safzoro.

    I understand that impression around session 10 — it does seem as though the practical benefits will take a while to kick in.

    While everyone is different, most people do seem to begin to notice the benefits in day-to-day activities somewhere between session 8 and 14.

    I think you’ll find considerable agreement here with your ideas about IQ tests, even amongst those who are inveterate test takers. In the business world in my experience knowing a person’s intelligence as measured on an IQ test wouldn’t help much in predicting his or her contribution to the goals of the enterprise.

    In any case, I hope it goes well!


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