Brain Training Report – Salem! – Stage 1, Session 10

Stage: 1

Session number: 10

Average n-back: 7

mmm i know im asking this again but i dont know how the BFI works… i started with 150 original score… now im at 406 ! ,, but my original score gone up to 228 it seem it changes with the current score..

and as for the table of comparison.. with all , and training peers and age group.. the highest limit in the table is set by my highest score !

does that mean im number one in all mind sparke ? since its also on all!?

im pretty sure im not .. my memory was terrible 10 days ago.. now 9 days later i feel its better but i dont think its gone super now.. am i getting the whole BFI thing wrong!?

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Salem.

    We adjusted the algorithm for the BFI calculation in the Version 2 upgrade. These changes resulted in shifts in original and current BFIs for those already training. In some cases, depending on the circumstances, the shifts could be fairly large.

    The original BFI does take a while to reach a steady state; this is by design.

    The overall BFI comparisons will take a little time to catch up with the new BFI algorithm. Once enough people have used the new version to gather reliable data we will update the comparative numbers (we collect and update these periodically).

    Best wishes,

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