Brain Training Report – Safzoro – Session 20

Session number: 20

Average n-back: 4.35

Duration (estimate in minutes): hours!

Yes, got about 4 at last! For me this is slow work.

I’m wondering whether anyone has any experience of ‘Onetest’? It’s an Australian developed screening test based loosely on the Wonderlic concept of a quick assessment of cognitive aptitude. The only problem is that 1/5 of the questions have more than one valid answer – and the more creative you are, the more possible answers you can see. My husband, (double first class honours Maths & Physics, PhD Physics, leading building scientist) couldn’t immediately answer this particular line of questions.

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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2 Responses to “Brain Training Report – Safzoro – Session 20”

  1. martin says:

    Hello, Safzoro.

    Well done!

    Reaching 4.35 in 20 sessions is not slow work at all. It just feels that way. You’ve increased your working memory and focus span by about 4 items (two visual and two auditory) and by about 6 seconds (about 85%). That’s a huge jump.

    Any day-to-day benefits revealing themselves yet?

    I’m not familiar with the Onetest, but I’ve taken a variation of the Wonderlic and found the same thing. Too much ambiguity in the answers combined with some overly simple mathematical / logical questions.


  2. Safzoro says:

    I’m not aware of the day-to-day benefits as yet, but as mentioned earlier this is probably because what will be noticed is an absence (of memory related errors) rather than a presence. Perhaps my attention while driving is improving?

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