Brain Training Report – cristina.p – Stage 4 Colors

Stage: 4

Session number: 21

Average n-back: 2.85

the exercise with the colour blocks and the letters really took me by surprise. the result: a score of 2.85. such a low score… apparently i just can’t get the colours right… do you have any techniques that you use for this exercise?

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Cristina.

    The difficulty you mention with remembering colors is very typical. It’s because we have no ready and practiced encoding, storing and recalling mechanisms for colors. We’ve trained our brains throughout our lives to recognize, store and manipulate things like spatial positions, letters and numbers. But not so colors. (The same is true of shapes and tones which we use at Stage 4, too.) But this makes these exercises very powerful.

    By learning how to store and recall strings of colors we’re teaching our brain to do something new, and we’re exercising our working memory at the same time. Stage 4 is designed to broaden the benefits of the training by encouraging the brain to stretch and grow.

    For me it helped to let this process happen and kind of observe it happening as I gradually began to be able to hold colors in a sequence. Over time it was fascinating to watch this ability begin to kick in.


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