Brain Training Report – John – Session 37

Session number: 37

Average n-back: 4.7

Duration (estimate in minutes): 35

Glad to see this product available, and I’m happy with the benefits.

Very quickly I noticed being more aware of my environment, more effective at work.

Benefits aren’t just mental. My physical reflexes are sharper, and synergize with my improved awareness. Once I caught a T-shirt playfully thrown at me by my girlfriend, after I turned my back!

Anyway, currently plowing through a loooooong plateau. I reached dual n-back score of 4.5 by session 16, and I’m still in that neighborhood 20 session later.

To shake things up a bit I’m switching from mentally rehearsing an n-sequence between stimuli, to relaxing my mental focus and… not quite guessing, just watching/registering/acting in mental silence.

Looking forward to the mixed exercises in Stage 4.

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