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Alvaro Fernandez SharpBrains

Alvaro Fernandez SharpBrains

I just saw this checklist in Forbes magazine courtesy of SharpBrains. I’ve inserted the relevant answers for Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro.

“How do you know if a pricey [doesn't apply to Brain Fitness Pro] brain fitness software program is right for you? Answer these questions before making a purchase.

“1. Are scientists, ideally neuropsychologists, behind the program?

Yes. Mind Sparke reproduces the training method used by Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl in their preeminent academic study.

“2. What peer-reviewed research supports the program?

See answer to 1.

“3. Is there a Scientific Advisory Board listed on the company’s Web site?

The software and site have been reviewed by the research team and staff from the University of Bern.

“4. What are the specific benefits claimed for using the program?

General improvement in cognitive function, specifically through increase in fluid intelligence.

“5. Does the program indicate what part of the brain it exercises or what cognitive function it can improve?

Yes, the program exercises working-memory and produces improvements in working-memory, multitasking and fluid intelligence.

“6. Is it a structured program with guidance on how many hours per week and days per week to use it?

Yes. The software guides the customer through and initial training program of 19 daily sessions, each consisting of 20 training blocks (about 1/2 hour daily). Training is recommended five days per week.

“7. Do the exercises in the program teach me something new?

No. It is purely cognitive training.

“8. Does the program challenge me so it’s never too easy and keeps me interested?

Absolutely. The program increases the degree of difficulty in real time and has unlimited capacity to remain challenging.

“9. Does the program fit my personal goals?

A question for the prospective purchaser!

“10. Am I ready and willing to do the program, or would it be too stressful?”


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