Brain Fitness, Neurogenesis And Reproductive Wellness

A new brain fitness study suggests that you should run not walk to the fertility clinic. If you do, you may find that you can cancel your appointment. Neuroscientists from Hong Kong have linked neurogenesis in the brain’s subventricular zone to reproductive health and wellness.

Brain fitness research findings indicate that reproductive activity and triggers, such as pheromones, may also help regulate neurogenesis in the olfactory system, where the sense of smell is located, and in the sub ventricular zone. “The potential importance of neurogenesis in sexual behavior, sexual cues and reproductive function has provided new insights,” said Dr. So, a brain fitness researcher. “These insights might provide a better understanding of sexual dysfunction, sexual disorders and normal sexual functioning.”

“These reviews show that the process of neurogenesis has far-reaching implications, including a beneficial exercise-induced response to stress and some degree of involvement with sexual behavior and reproduction,” added Prof. Shinn-Zong Lin, from the China University Medical Hospital, Taiwan and chair of the Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cell Research. “The studies reinforce the importance of a naturally occurring process that, until recently, was believed to be impossible.”

What does this mean for us? Well, the brain fitness studies reviewed by the researchers involved physical exercise as the means of promoting neurogenesis. So we can add this to the list of reasons we should be partaking in regular physical exercise.

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