Anyone with helpful tips?

I am a tyro to Mind Spark training and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to provide me some helpful hints – and please, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to tell other bodybuilders to eat a pound of sugar a day in order to build prodigious muscles (A self-serving suggestion); if you have similarly silly suggestions I would ask you to forgo sharing. I know that I should “work hard” at it; that I should “stick with it” et cetera. But do you have any real and substantive suggestions? Also, what changes should I expect to see in my real life as a result of progress?


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  1. martin says:

    Hey there.

    Thanks for posting this question. I’ll jump in and provide some of my own tips – others please chime in too.

    1. Try not to judge yourself. You’ll have good days and bad days. The important thing is the long term training.

    2. Try meditation before you train. A few minutes of eyes-closed, mind-clearing rest will improve your performance and boost the impact of the training.

    3. Train regularly. At least four days per week.

    4. Train while alert.

    5. Avoid distractions.

    I hope these tips do help.


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