Working Memory Training

Research shows that working memory training can increase focus and working memory capacity, leading to improvements in focus, short term memory, and general cognitive ability. (Working memory training study). In particular, to be effective, the training should be progressive (adjusting automatically as the trainee's performance improves) and challenging. MindSparke employs a proprietary set of training tools:
working memory training bullet1 Working memory training that adapts in real-time
working memory training bullet2 Online brain training software guides progress with a personal training profile
working memory training bullet3 Delivers affordable on-line working memory training for universal access
working memory training bullet4 Download brain training software for PC or Mac; guided meditation; and brain entrainment audio (SE and IC versions)

Progressive Working Memory Training

The Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro working memory training improves visual and aural working memory, focus, and overall cognitive ability. As little as 30 minutes of daily training increases short term memory, attention, and fluid intelligence by more than forty percent in less than one month. The benefits are permanent and continued training produces further gains.

working memory training progress

Personality-Based Training

MindSparke is the only brain training available that includes a personality assessment. New research shows that personality determines what kind of brain training will be most effective. For some trainees the most effective training employs two stimulii, visual and aural, at the same time. Whereas for other trainees, training with just one mode is more effective. MindSparke proprietary and unique personality questionnaire ensures that the training will work for you.

Affordable Training Options, Universal Access

While companies often charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for their training programs, Mind Sparke's philosophy of afforable online training exercises coupled with its traditional brain training download and brain training for PC or Mac frees you from high fees and restricted use (brain training for PC or Mac comes with the SE online brain training subscription). You can exercise your brain as often as you want from wherever you want.

Brain Training Download | Brain Training for PC and Mac

The Brain Fitness Pro SE subscription also includes MindSparke's brain training software for Windows and Apple computers. The computer-based working memory training software allows you to train when not connected to the Internet.

Complementary Meditation & Brain Entrainment

By meditating before training it is possible to increase the training benefits. Meditating for just 10 minutes before each training session provides a training boost of about 20%. A meditation module is included in the SE and IC versions of subscription.

Brain entrainment audio recordings can further sharpen your mind and increase your focus. Brain Fitness Pro SE has a library of brain entrainment audio files for your unlimited use.

Dual N Back
MindSparke's brain training system uses dual-mode (visual and aural) or single-mode (just visual) training to improve focus and working memory. Starting with simple span exercises (sequences to remember and repeat), the system progresses to more challenging exercises as the trainee proceeds.

This illustration represents a typical working memory training sequence; with visual and aural sequences together. Working Memory Training

Working Memory Training | NY Times

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Research Tested, Real World Results
working memory training ann "I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn't pass. Then I took MindSparke's IQ increase training course, took the actual Mensa test, and got in!" - Ann, Harvard MD

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