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"As we get older, it's essential to keep recharging our brain power. Give Mom the Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro: a new brain training program designed to train and strengthen a person's working-memory, increasing your brain's processing power to solve problems. Brain Fitness Pro is based on research results from a study by Universities of Michigan and Bern, Switzerland, which found that using the brain training program for 30 minutes a day can increase one's problem-solving ability by more than 40 percent in less than 20 days. Brain Fitness Pro features a dual-mode (visual and aural) brain training mechanism to strengthen multi-tasking skills; progressive difficulty settings to automatically adjust from basic to advanced training; unlimited brain training sessions; and a full personal training-history with chart."

Brain Training Programs | Brain Fitness Pro
Customer Reviews

"I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn't pass. Then I did the IQ increase training course, took the actual Mensa test, and got in!" - Anne, Harvard, MD
"[My] full scale IQ has been verified as 151, an IQ increase of at least 21 points." - Lloyd
"I was better able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand without being distracted." - Mike, Counselor
"Iím impressed with this software. I have Inattentive ADD and Iím happy with the gains Iíve made in a short space of time. The program is helping me to pay sustained attention." - 'Scatterbrain'
"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product. I have suffered from OCD over the course of my life and have tried various methods of treatment. Using your program has allowed me to function at my highest level in years. I am extremely grateful for the work you have done." - Michael
"After years of not remembering my bank account number, it simply came to me with certainty when I needed it." - Steve
"I'm still seeing slow continuous improvement in my scores. I have felt and seen the difference that clearer thinking can make in day to day and professional life." - Will
"My [MCAT] score jumped from a 27 to a 34. I was pretty astounded by the results..." - Anson, Grad Student - Test Prep

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Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 9

Stage: 4 Session: 9 Average N: 4.8 Focus always needed and its something I lose track off. MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 8

Stage: 4 Session: 8 Average N: 4.8 The simple fact here is to just do it in one go and getting overwhelm is the only way of making progress. MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 7

Stage: 4 Session: 7 Average N: 5.8 Sometimes am using strategies to learn the numbers or waiting for definite ones I remember and not take risks .Not the right thing to do Its a fear of being pushed down a level. MindSparke Brain Training Software

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