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Improve Memory & Brain Health | Research Tested, Real World Results

"At 58 you need brain stimulation like this to make sure your grey matter does not turn into mush." - Melissa's memory improvement

Aging, adverse reaction to medication, head injury, and illness can lead to memory loss and reduced brain function. Focused working memory training improves memory, restores brain health, and can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's symptoms and dementia. What's more, the memory improvement is cumulative and permanent.
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Improve Memory & Brain Health | Memory Improvement Feedback

"After years of not remembering my bank account number, it simply came to me with certainty when I needed it." - Steve
"I'm still seeing slow continuous improvement in my scores. I have felt and seen the difference that clearer thinking can make in day to day and professional life." - Will
MindSparke's working memory exercises improve memory, mental sharpness, and mental stamina, helping you in daily life, at work, at interview, on tests and professional exams, and in job retraining. Whether you have memory loss due to aging, head injury, TBI, or adverse reaction to drugs or medication, you'll find that the training improves memory making it easier to remember facts, figures, names and other information. The training will reverse memory loss, improve memory in the short and long term, and the memory improvement will be permanent.

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Improve Memory & Brain Health | Career Help, Test Prep, and Attention Feedback

"I feel things improving at work. This is incredible." - Clay, Trial Lawyer - Career Help
"I was better able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand without being distracted." - Mike, Counselor - Increased Attention
"My [MCAT] score jumped from a 27 to a 34. I was pretty astounded by the results..." - Anson, Grad Student - Test Prep
For cognitive improvement, career help and test prep, brain training has an advantage over traditional test prep in that the memory improvement and cognitive gains are permanent. Targeting working memory will improve memory and can also reduce the symptoms of ADD, ADHD, and OCD by reducing the working memory overload that causes distraction and reduced impulse control.

"My increased ability to correlate facts, events, and ideas has resulted in an awareness of possibilities that I would never have noted before. I am more alert, more conscious - myself, only enhanced."  - Brett
Just as we value our physical fitness we can derive similar satisfaction from developing our brain health and mental abilities for memory improvement, cognitive improvement and mental sharpness. Brain Fitness Pro will improve memory and provide a brain health workout that produces enormous reward.

Improve Memory & Brain Health | References

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"...like boot camp for the brain"
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"I am thrilled that I was introduced to Brain Fitness Pro!  ...I am more confident about my memory, more focused and in general feel more self-assured." - Nanz

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"When I completed n=3, I was amazed!"
"I canít believe how rapidly Iím seeing results."
"This program seems to increase alertness and decrease depression... I am amazed."

Improve Memory Brain Training Report – Bakyt – Stage 1, Session 3

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Improve Memory Brain Training Report – Nik – Stage 4, Session 6

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