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How To Increase Memory | Summary

how to increase memory bullet 1 Learn how to increase memory with progressive working memory training
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How To Increase Memory | Progressive Training

MindSparke's memory increase program strengthens visual and aural working memory, focus, and multi-tasking ability. Just 30 minutes of daily training increases short term memory, attention, and fluid intelligence by more than 40% in less than 30 days. Continued training yields further gains.

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How To Increase Memory | Your Personal Profile

Psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered how to increase memory with intensive, focused memory training. The MindSparke training system guides you through scientifically proven training exercises, maintaining a level of challenge and novelty that spurs new neural growth and improved memory and focus.

At MindSparke we keep you informed of your progress with a series of informative progress charts and an overall Brain Fitness Index. You will always know how you're doing and what level of difficulty will be coming next.

How To Increase Memory | Low Cost, Web-Based Access

MindSparke provides the best, most cost-effective online training exercises available coupled with brain training downloads your computer or laptop (available with the SE brain training subscription). You can exercise your brain as often as you want from wherever you want.

How To Increase Memory with Brain Fitness Pro SE (Special Edition)

Brain Training Download | Brain Training for PC and Mac
A Brain Fitness Pro SE subscription gives you complimentary access to MindSparke's brain training software download (brain training for PC and Mac). Use the computer-based memory software to continue with your brain exercise even when you don't have an Internet connection. (You can also use MindSparke's brain training on PC or Mac as an alternative to our on-line brain training if you prefer to run the brain exercises locally.)

How To Increase Memory with Guided Meditation & Brain Entrainment

Brief periods of meditation can dramatically enhance the benefits of brain exercise with MindSparke's dual n-back how to increase memory. We highly recommend ten minutes of meditation before and after brain exercise. Your Brain Fitness Pro SE subscription includes access to MindSparke's own guided meditation recordings designed to increase the impact of the training.

Brain entrainment audio recordings can further sharpen your mind and increase your focus. Brain Fitness Pro SE has a library of brain entrainment audio files for your unlimited use.

Dual N Back and Beyond
Each of MindSparke's brain training exercises incorporate both visual and aural memory stimuli to produce intensive brain exercise for focus and working memory. Starting out with straightforward training tasks, visual and aural sequences that you must remember and repeat, the online brain training system works up to more complicated exercises. Stage 3 incorporates the renowned "Dual N Back" brain training exercise (described below). And Stage 4 of the training guides you through a varied set of proprietary training exercises, evolutions of the dual nback exercise, to further strengthen your executive control of working memory.

During the "dual n-back" brain training exercise (Stage 3) the program presents a series of white squares on a black background, three seconds apart. At the same time it produces a series of spoken letters. You must try to identify matches in both sequences.

How To Increase Memory | visual series At the first level of difficulty, the matches occur two positions apart. In this example (left) of a visual sequence the blocks in the first and third positions match. How To Increase Memory | aural series

The diagram to the right depicts an aural sequence; the third and fifth (F) sounds match. The program presents the visual and aural memory sequences at the same time, as shown below. How To Increase Memory | Dual nback | visual aural

As you begin to master the dual N back exercise, the program automatically adjusts the level of difficulty by increasing the distance between matches to three places and beyond. (Some customers have achieved a working memory capacity of about 14 items - average untrained capacity is 5 or 6 items.)

MindSparke's proprietary brain training takes memory increase to the next level. By challenging your brain with an evolving sequence of new stimuli you will achieve new heights of brain power and intellectual capacity.

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Shaun's Mind Sparke
Training with Brain Fitness Pro comes within my Top shaun luttinTen best life choices.

I started at n=2 with great confusion, and I am currently at n=8 with increased confidence. My concentration and working memory were out of shape because of a period of clinical depression. The Brain Fitness Pro training does seem to have improved both my concentration and short-term memory.

Further, I'd say that my general confidence and my general self-control, willpower, or volition have increased as well. I seem to be better able to accomplish tasks and overcome inertia. It seems to me that Brain Fitness Pro provides a salutary effect on the strength, power, and stamina of my mental muscle. Further still, my capacity to remain in the present moments may have improved as well. For sure, these claims are subjective at very best, except of course for my increase from n=2 to n=8, and my increase in my numeric aural digit span from just above average to a span of 8 numeric digits.

Over fifty-hours (so far!) of satisfying training for less than $50.00. That's value for money.
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