How To Increase IQ with Brain Training

How To Increase IQ with Brain Training

How To Increase IQ | Research Tested, Real World Results

"[My] full scale IQ has been verified as 151, an IQ increase of at least 21 points." - Lloyd understands how to increase IQ
"I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn't pass. Then I did the IQ increase training course, took the actual Mensa test, and got in!" - Anne, Harvard, MD learned how to increase IQ

How to Increase IQ | Brain Training Benefits

how to IQ increase: Susanne Jaeggi Martin Buschkuehl Perrig PNAS April 2008 Bern Michigan increase intelligence and brain power by training working memory
How to increase IQ: Brain Fitness Pro employs an IQ training method shown to increase intelligence by independent research. Brain training with Brain Fitness Pro will raise IQ scores on any IQ test and any standardized test, college entry test, graduate school admission, or civil service, armed forces, or professional qualification, including the GRE, MCAT, GMAT, SAT, PSAT, LSAT, OQTs, actuarial, CPA, and bar exams.

How to Increase IQ | The Research

In 2008, University of Michigan and Bern researchers investigated the possibility of increasing IQ with progressive working memory training. The study1 showed that working memory exercise using the "progressive dual n back" protocol lead to intelligence increases of more than forty percent. The study showed an increase for all study subjects when compared to a control group. (The IQ increase was calculated by comparing the number of correct answers given to a set of IQ test questions2.) The study also revealed that the IQ gains were 'dose dependent' -- the more the participants trained, the greater the IQ increase. how to increase iq - working memory fluid intelligence

How To Increase IQ Long Term

In 2011, the researchers published further research showing that the intelligence gains from working memory training remain long after the training has been completed. This study looked at the benefits derived by a group of school children, the researchers tested the children's IQs before and after training and then again after three months.

As well as an IQ increase the study showed that the progressive working memory training made the children more focused when faced with erroneous or extraneous distractions.

"These new studies demonstrate that the more training people have on the dual n-back task, the greater the improvement in fluid intelligence," said Dr. Jonides, senior researcher on the study. "It's actually a dose-response effect. And we also demonstrate that the much simpler single n-back training using spatial cues has the same positive effect."

The team at the same time reviewed brain activity while training: "After training, people had reduced amounts of blood flow in active brain regions when they were doing training tasks. And they had increased amounts of blood flow in those regions when they were not doing training tasks.

"In some ways, this is much like training a muscle in the body, and in some ways, it is different. When new muscle fibers have been grown as a result of training, they require greater blood flow when they are not being used. However, by contrast, when the new muscles are in use, they require more blood, unlike the trained regions of the brain."

How to Increase IQ | The Science

Brain training has a particular advantage over other test preparation methods; the gains from working memory training derive from an improvement in cognitive ability and problem-solving capacity; the benefits are general and permanent. These benefits go with you into your everyday life, academic work, career, or vocation.

To understand how it is possible to increase intelligence it is important to consider the processes by which we apply attention and analyze information. By strengthening attentive focus and working memory capacity we reduce the simultaneous demands placed on the brain's processing capacity. MindSparke has continued the initial research into working memory training with a real world investigation into how to increase IQ even further. By elaborating and extending the dual n-back protocol we have achieved benefits above and beyond those of the original study.

IQ Increase | Brain Training Recommendations

Quick boost: Four weeks of training followed by a week without training (to consolidate the IQ increase) will improve your IQ score.
Long term: Regular long term training will lead to further IQ increases, improved test scores, and academic gains.

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1 How to Increase IQ: "Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory" Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig PNAS 10.1073/ pnas.0801268105.
2 IQ Increase measured using the standard Bochumer Matrizen IQ Test: BOMAT-Advanced-Short Version

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Research Tested, Real World Results
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