N-back strategy

Stage: 3

Session number: 3

Average n-back: 3.2

Hey there everyone! Here’s a little method that really boosted my n-back scores. From struggling with 3 and 4 seeming impossible when I tried this method out I was very surprised to find myself actually get up to 5 a few times! (And not do that terribly either!)

On n=2 memorize the first two squares and their letters, as the next two come up, commit them to memory as well. Matching them if they did obviously. After you remember the second block of two eliminate the first one. An example.

(H F) : (G F!)
(G F) : (G! R)

On n=3 it’s the same except your remember it in blocks of three as opposed to two. (HFR-QFS) The number of sequences you remember is double the N number. N for one block, and another N for the matching/next block.

Good luck everyone! I hope this works for you. If it doesn’t, just try and find out how your brain likes to do everything. Train well!

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