Brain Training Report – john

Session number: 01

Average n-back: 4.3

Duration (estimate in minutes): 15

Hello Everyone,

This is my first session of the online version of the software. I’m very excited about the interaction and the meditation portion of the program. I’ve been on Stage 2 for the last 36 sessions. I don’t think I’ve made the gains I should be making after so many sessions.

My overall Visual and Aural after 35 sessions of stage two are 5.57 and 4.33 respectively. Although it says my overall average score is 6. I usually disregard this score…I look more to the individual performance of the V/A for each session to determine my progress. My rationale might be hindering my progress. I probably need to get back to the basics.

This post was submitted by John Connolly.

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