Sumesh – Stage 4, Session 91

Stage: 4

Session number: 91

Average n-back: 5.25

I seem to be stuck in a range of between 5-5.7, for a long time. I have practised level 6, qiute a few times. However, I can’t hold onto that level for more than 4/5 sequences max.
I feel quite frustrated about not being able to make the leap to average n-back 6+. Have I reached a barrier,or is 6 hard to achieve, given that working memory enables us to process at most 7/8 pieces of information?

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Sumesh.

    You’re already holding 8 to 10 pieces of information on a regular basis since training involves remembering both aural and visual items at the same time.

    The program increases our working memory capacity, but there are points at which these gains start to flatten out. This can be frustrating, I understand. It is possible to reach higher levels, but it means increasing our efforts. Two things can lead to greater gains:

    1. Meditate for a few minutes before you train.
    2. Double up your daily sessions for a while with one session from Stage 4 and one session from Stage 3. Three or four weeks should be sufficient to get you to a new level.

    Best wishes,

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