Just interested to know what people feel about the NeuroPro facility on MindSparke? I feel I should be given a lot more information regarding what waves this is effecting , who has developed this particular ‘package’ etc…… a bit of science thrown in would be nice. It’s powerful stuff and I feel I should be given the information to match that.

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  1. lily7049 says:

    More information would be a great idea.

  2. Julian says:

    I used the Neuro Pro for a while, and also used a separate brain wave program from another source. After a while, I felt that the superimposed practice of listening to brain wave inducing sound was a rather blunt instrument.

    Brain waves are a very personal thing. Meditating by various methods produce mental states conducive to progress at mental exercises, and seem more natural to me because they are self generated.


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