Brain Training Report – VladZ – Stage 4, Session 18

Stage: 4 Session: 18 Average N: 5.4

I’m a bit struggling here. I can still handle 5.4 or even 6 score but latest months (more then 6) my memory doesn’t work as intended in real life.
I constantly forgetting new information, sometimes even a couple of seconds later after I red it (details, general ideas). I’ve tried to change memorization from
Spaced Repetition to Visual Memorization (creating a visual stories and connect them together) but this didn’t work.
The other problem is that – I cannot remember historical dates, number at all. And this makes learning process truly nightmare.

The only idea in mind what potentially could be a problem is “sleeping schedule”. I don’t have it, at all.
Like, sometimes going to sleep at 3:00am, sometimes missing it at (even couple times in a row). And this varies from day-to-day.
I’ve tried to fix that but failed, cause – no matter what time I go to sleep, in the morning I still feel sleepy and exhausted.

Will be very appreciated to get a suggestions/guidence/references to possible solutions of this problem.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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  1. Julian says:


    I have had some level of insomnia all my life (now 67). The thing to know is you need regular rest. This may be sleeping or reading in bed. It helps to set a more or less regular schedule to go to bed and to get up. For me 5-6 hours sleep a night is about all I ever get, so I don’t fight it.

    Falling asleep is something else. Meditation of some kind in the early evening will help to clear your mind of insistent thoughts which keep you from falling asleep.

    Generally, for me, the more I fight insomnia the worse it gets. So, three things:
    1) regular period of time to sleep or rest in bed.
    2) If don’t fall asleep read until you are tired enough to fall asleep.
    3) Some kind of regular meditation every day.

    Don’t get mad at yourself for not falling asleep. If you really can’t sleep and it is driving you crazy, get up and work for an hour or two then go back to bed. Perhaps there is something you need to do badly, and you didn’t get it done. Work on that. Then reward yourself by going back to bed for rest.

    The idea is to gently convince your brain that there are times to be active and times to rest. And also times to shed your mind of random thoughts (meditation).

    These things help me, hope they may be of use to you.


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