Brain Training Report – skeeter – Stage 2, Session 1

Stage: 2
Session: 1
Average N: 5.1

I’ve been doing this for a couple of days now.
Not sure if it is a direct result of doing these exercises, but I noticed that my attention span at work was significantly better yesterday.

I have stayed with Section 2 for a bit, even though I hit the target of n=6 relatively quickly. Mainly because I’m enjoying it and I want to see if I can become more consistent at n=6 before I move on.
I can win at Level 4 every time and Level 5 seems to be the place where I win some and lose some. Level 6 it tends to falls apart.

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  1. Julian says:

    I think one reason attention span gets better is that the speed at which you have to make decisions does not change… you are not allowed to loaf, which either throws you into a panic attack or (preferably) increases your attention and concentration on task.

    What does change is the programmed learning aspect which bumps you up or down a level to make things more challenging or easier, which helps eventually to build confidence that you can succeed.

    Cheers, Julian

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