Brain Training Report – Ruari – Stage 3, Session 1

Stage: 3

Session number: 1

Average n-back: 2.2

Whew, what a descent! Double gapmatch is certainly challenging. I took the advice and tried a couple of practice sessions before starting the exercise. After finally cluing in for what was being asked (I hadn’t realized the instruction scree scrolled down further), I made the jump over to training. Not much improvement regrettably. For the first half of the blocks I was roughly one incorrect answer off from moving up to n-3. When I finally succeeded, my n-3 attempt was about 50% successful. Then the distractions began. Namely a bored four year old with random appearances punctuated with a time out from her mother. Lovely. Not. I flip-flopped between the n-2 and n-3 after this, never succeeding much at the higher level. I think it worthwhile to train at the n3 level to become more familiar. I found jumping to n3 from n2 challenging in that I only had to do quite well on my first attempt or lose the ability to gain familiarity at that level. I can say that today is the first day my brain feels it has had a workout. I suppose this is great…

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    I know the feeling! It has taken me some time to realize that any interruption makes me extremely irritable (usually I’m pretty laid back) and once that happens progress becomes impossible. I shut the door so the cat doesn’t come in, turn off email and all phones and never train when my kids are in the house. I’ve inched up to being pretty competent at n=4. It takes time though!

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