Brain Training Report – cristina – Stage 3, Session 1

Stage: 3

Session number: 1

Average n-back: 3.15

I’m a bit confused.Just started yesterday to train on stages 1 and 2 and they appear to be complete (says 100%) now started stage 3 session 1 (average 3.15). What should I do next? continue with stage 3 till it’s complete or alternate between stages 3 and 4? Sorry for my english. And thank you for your help

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2 Responses to “Brain Training Report – cristina – Stage 3, Session 1”

  1. martin says:

    Hello, Cristina.

    It is possible to move through Stages 1 and 2 quite quickly, as you have, by reaching n=5 at Stage 1 and then n=6 at Stage 2.

    Stage 3 lasts for 40 sessions and we recommend one session per day, at least four or five days per week.

    I hope this helps. The training schedule is also described in the Help guide under the heading “Recommended Training Schedule.” Click on the white “i” in the blue circle to bring up the Help guide.

    Best wishes,

  2. cristina.p says:

    Thank you very much.I found the recommended training schedule.It’s all clear to me, now.

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