Brain Training Report – ohmyyawn – Stage 3, Session 23

Stage: 3

Session number: 23

Average n-back: 2.8

Hmmm. Thanks to a very nice email from Martin, I think I have discovered something (well, can own it now) from this program. I have a bit of ADD. Maybe even ADHD. Lots of things make sense for that with me. I did some practice mode and then did my training, and I know when my mind is wandering. This time I just stopped the session and refocused and made some progress. Spent much more time in n=3. Maybe doing this program and finally being able to see the lack of focus in action, it will save me a lot of grief trying to get thru PA school, since I know what I need to do.

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2 Responses to “Brain Training Report – ohmyyawn – Stage 3, Session 23”

  1. poetwantabe says:

    Thank you for that share. What great insights. I would also mention that I read this in one of Martin’s emails:

    “These new studies demonstrate that the more training people have on the dual n-back task, the greater the improvement in fluid intelligence,” Jonides said. “It’s actually a dose-response effect. And we also demonstrate that the much simpler single n-back training using spatial cues has the same positive effect.”

    I am just beginning the program and seem to be having fun with the stage 2 test. I think still having fun is a good ingredient to learning. Practicing in stage 2, just the visual, just the audio and both, might help keep your training fresh in stage 3.

  2. ohmyyawn says:

    Thanks poetwantabe. I didn’t have too much problem with stage 1 and 2. That might have been part of the issue because I was able to be myself and let my brain wonder a bit and still do okay. at n=2 in stage 3 I find I can half focus as well. n=3 did not allow me to do well and not focus, so it really made me sit up and take notice.
    Good luck to you in your training, looking forward to seeing how you progress!

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