Brain Training Report – Wren – Stage 3, Session 33

Stage: 3

Session number: 33

Average n-back: 3.3

I am currently yo-yoing back and forth in Stage 3 at av session scores 3.3 to 3.6 going back and forth from N2 to N5. Today for the first time I started the sessions on N5 level and did very well (for me), scoring 10 hits once and being kept on N4 and N5 for half of the session. I am finding that balance between trying too hard and not enough is crucial.
But here is the question related to that. Why when I started today did N5 seem easy. Why does my memory sometimes feel effortless (even at N5) and sometimes feel sluggish and hard even at N2? What is the relationship between the me that tells my brain to back off or try harder, and the brain which actually then trys to follow (or rebel) at my suggestions or commands?

Who the heck is in charge here? Me or my brain?

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This post was submitted by Wren Canzoneri.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Wren.

    These are very pertinent insights. The balance between trying too hard and not trying enough seems to be a common experience. When we “stress” over the focus we ironically impair our working memory; the fear of becoming unfocused distracts our focus.

    Then there’s the sudden loss of focus for no apparent reason. There’s evidence to show that our brains have a focus / working memory reservoir that we tap into during the day. I think that we also have a similar short term reservoir that can dry up while we’re training.

    But it can be replenished. A break or mental reset and we’re back in focus again.


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