Brain Training Report – Jan – Stage 2, Session 10

Stage: 2

Session number: 10

Average n-back: 4


I just competed stage 2 and am trying to learn stage 3. I am a little confused by the directions. First, in the help section, it says to reach level 6 in Stage 2 before trying Stage 3. Is this still a requirement/recommended?
Also, I was practicing an visual sequence by itself, and thought I matched all the sequences correctly. I performed it at the slowest speed for the purposes of learning. However, the report said I missed 2 sequences. I was wondering if there is overlap between the sequences, in other words, say a series of 6 white squares are shown. If 2 and 4 are a match, do you have to remember where the third square was in case it is a match for square 5? Or does the sequence start over once you’ve correctly guessed the matching squares? Thanks in advance. Additional input: Seeing improvements in working memory at work, feeling calmer in stressful situations and becoming less reactionary and more able to solve problems on the spot.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Jan.

    Stage 2 is completed when you reach level 6 or after completing ten sessions, whichever comes first.

    You’re right that at Stage 3 the sequences can overlap, so it is necessary to remember the items between matches, too.


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