Brain Training Report – enebbia – Stage 2, Session 1

Moving to stage three…
Completely lost, I have a terrible time recalling backwards… I was hoping for alternative female/ male voices to help recall, but no, there doesn’t seem to be a regular pattern…

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  1. Julian says:

    When I started two years ago, and reached a point I found difficult I tried too hard in an active way. You might think of effort in three modes:

    Lazy Neutral Pushing brain hard to consciously remember

    For me, somewhere between neutral and pushing brain usually works best. If you contract a physical muscle too much it will cramp and become useless. The brain trying to make neural connections is similar to a physical muscle in that if you try consciously or unconsciously too hard, it will simply not function.

    In terms of physical muscles, think of the difference between yoga and incorrect weight lifting… in yoga you contract muscles in a relaxed way (not a contradiction in terms… if you are lifting too heavy a weight your muscles will be strained and not accomplish the task.

    So too with the brain. Relaxed effort in a concentration zone (not aware of distractions) for me, works best. When you do this and you still can’t remember, your brain is saying… this is still too hard for me, but give me a rest and tomorrow I will do better!

    Good luck,

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