Brain Training Report – annd – Stage 2, Session 2

I have developed a system in order to remember as follows: I give each square a name, right up, right center, right down, up, down, center, and left up, left center, and left down. So as a square lights up I say the name of the square out loud, and now I’m writing it down on paper. I guess that would be cheating, right? I don’t think I can remember the squares when it gets above 4.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Ann.

    The goal is to remember the sequences without writing them down. As you train, your brain will begin to be able to remember more. Stay with it!

    Writing down the sequence unfortunately means that the training won’t work.


  2. Julian says:

    Good Morning Ann,

    To me, (and I may be wrong), Martin’s reply to you is another way of saying the process of trying to remember is as or more important as the mental strategies that will occur to you to remember.

    The brain needs a motive to want to remember. That motive is the repetitive process of trying to remember. A fanciful way of saying this is, “this person keeps trying to get better remembering more and more things in a limited period of time… I (the brain talking) better create and use synapses to do this better.

    For me, patient and consistent work = progress over time. You are building the ability to remember larger and larger blocks of memory. Eventually, your subconscious mind will begin to put bigger and bigger blocks of memory together to aid you in your every day life. These blocks of memory already exist in your brain. They just need to be able to connect! That’s really neat.


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