Brain Salvaging Effort

I have enrolled in MInd Sparke in an effort to ward off possible pre-mature dementia or alzheimers. I used to have a job that required troubleshooting, but lost it and had to take a job as a truck driver. Truck driving is the opposite of troubleshooting and provides little or no mental stimulation. I can feel my brain turning to mush.

I am disappointed that this blog cannot auto-populate the progress from my training exercises. I don’t even know my current score.

I think I started at 217 and now am at 247 after only using it a few days. 247 was my original goal, so I’ll probably cancel my membership until I feel myself slipping back towards 200.

MindSparke Working Memory Training

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  1. Julian says:

    Why not keep going. Its a fun exercise, your brain feels more alive, and your whole perception of the world will begin to expand (slowly). See where it leads. Good luck.

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