6/10 602pm, day 6, stage 1, session 4

i took saturday and sunday off because i had to work overnight on friday night and leave for an event as soon as i woke up during the day on saturday. we stayed up till 3am on saturday night and i only slept about 4 hours that night, so when we got back on sunday i was too tired to train and had to do some work stuff. i had planned to get up this AM to train before my 8a-4p shift, but i was sooooo exhausted, that i ended up sleeping-in until about 655a. when i got home from work, i had some black tea, tried a 5 min meditation session (which was probably one of my least focused meditation sessions) and then i decided to train. i was at n=8, i never mastered n=8 in both auditory and visual, although i mastered each individual setting a couple of times. i didn’t feel entirely focused, and would like to blame it on how exhausted i am, however, i did just get graduated to stage 2 which is pretty exciting. i’ll start stage 2 tomorrow.

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