Brain Training Report – Arvid – Stage 3, Session 93

Stage: 3

Session number: 93

Average n-back: 6,3

Hi, Martin.
I wonder if my progress is at normal rates? I think at my 100´ session (N3) so will I make N/7s perfects as I might do N6 now. I have been at N8 a few times and done 8/4 – to my best.
Yesterday I felt how I started to remember all dots for each round,versus earlier there I´d split blocks to remember in 2 parts.

My fastest progress came when I did 5 sessions a day and meditated between each session. Now I try to do 1 session once a day. And that I do for a daily basis is getting better!

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Arvid.

    Your progress seems unusual, Arvid, since your scores are very high and still increasing. But then your training regime has been unusual, too!! I have never heard of anyone training for 5 sessions per day. This, I expect, has given you an excellent boost.

    Best wishes, and please keep us posted,

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