Brain Training Report – Witek – Stage 3, Session 39

Stage: 3

Session number: 39

Average n-back: 5.10

First session after 4 days break. I performed significantly worse. Strange since I read on blog break should help. Wonder why I’m so different;)? Sometimes I have the feeling training introduces me into some kind of state (I don’t think it’s flow) which disappears soon after and is hard to recreate in real life. I think the break made it disappear on today session.
I took GIQ test yesterday and, hehe, surprisingly I didn’t performed good on recall section. Scored 20 points higher then on WAIS I took around year 2000 or 2001. I was in really bad psychophysical condition when tested ten years ago and also I’m not native english speaker so had hard time on relationship and vocabulary section of GIQ. Not sure if it’s wise to compare those two tests;)

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