Brain Change For Grown-Ups

When people take the plunge and start brain training with MindSparke a common question is whether lasting changes can really occur in the adult brain.  Psychology today has this overview of the natural role of adult neuroplasticity in helping us change and adapt as we age.  Life events like falling in love and experiencing the birth of a child, the article points out, switch on our plastic brain chemicals and spur changes in the brain.  The piece also points out that frequent, repeated stimulation of brain circuits, as with brain training, is required for changing older brains.


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  1. Julian says:

    Velly Interesting,

    So natural, very personal events trigger brain growth, but in older people repeated stimulation of brain circuits is required for changing older brains.

    Question: Is this change in older brains just a change in mental skills, or is it actually an impetus to cause some life changing event in their lives? Or is that just a conscious choice of the individual?

    Is the impetus to change mental skills inevitably linked to a person’s desire to change their life? Or does the ambition to be better at something cause one to practice mind exercises to achieve that conscious goal. Which comes first, the goal or the unconscious desire for change?


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