Working-Memory Training Report – Zsolt – Session 1

Session number: 1

Average n-back: 3,2

Duration (min.): 30+

I am doing one session a day and I am through session 6. So I have some catch-up to do by posting all 6 sessions. Let’s start with session 1.

All I did was that I got familiar with the problem through one n=2 and one n=3 practice test. Then I immediately started the task. It seems that n=2 was too simple for me that I always had a perfect score. I even visited n=4, but the result was really bad. I had two more shots at n=4, and was able to stay there for two more rounds.

I am satisfied with the average score of 3.2, although n=4 seems to be a bit tough.


Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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