Working-Memory Training Report – Will – Session 76

Session number: 76

Average n-back: 4.95

Duration (min.): 25

4.95 listed above is my average for all 19 sessions.

That I had 9 sessions 5.0 or better indicates that I can maintain at this level. That I had 11 sessions below 5 indicates that its not a snap for me to do at this point. My goal for the next round is simply to increase the number of times I hit 5.0 or better per session …with the idea behind that being that it will give me more cracks at 6 back, which is what I need now to stretch my WM further.

Nadir: 4.45
Zenith: 5.35

Blocks 1-19 (Session 4)

*1) 4.45
2) 4.70
3) 5.10
4) 5.00
5) 5.00
6) 4.80
7) 4.95
8*) 5.35
9) 5.20
10) 4.80
11) 4.60
12) 4.70
13) 5.05
14) 4.85
15) 4.95
16) 5.05
17) 5.25
18) 5.20
19) 4.95

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4 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – Will – Session 76”

  1. martin says:

    Hi, Will.

    As we’ve discussed before, the leveling out of scores presents a new and newly interesting aspect to the training. After the initial, mostly steady upward progress we have to knuckle down and take the long view.


  2. Shaun Luttin says:

    Hi there Will:

    Thanks for posting your most recent 19 training sessions. :)

    I admire your perseverance. For instance, you have kept with the training for 76 sessions. I also admire your openness. That is, you have been sharing your progress and some of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas about it. I also appreciate your fairness of thought. For example, you considered the balance of positive and negative aspects of the last 19 training sessions: you are indeed able to maintain n=5 whilst this remains a challenge.

    These are all characteristics that I aspire towards in the training as well, especially the fairness of thought. Based on my own experience, it seems you will indeed be able to stay at or above n=5 for longer on the next 20 sessions. What you and Martin have written reminds me of a Buddhist saying that I aspire to embody: “Abandon all hope of fruition.” The idea is that holding on, or staying attached, to our ultimate goal gets in the way of putting our full energy into achieving our ultimate goal.

    Warm regards,

  3. Will says:

    Thanks for the comments Martin and Shaun. I was actually in the low 4′s for a long time, which I thought represented my limits but once I started to do well at 5 back saw that I cold average at 5 back. On my first day of the 5th training (77) I’ve hit n=7 twice and, starting at 2 back, was able to hit 5.0 as an average, which did not look at all possible after my first 10 or so blocks. Also looking forward to session 78 as I’m able to start at 7 back. So off to an auspicious start and look forward to seeing where it goes. Shaun and I seem to moving along similarly.

  4. Shaun Luttin says:


    Congratulations on reaching n=7 a couple of times. That’s my current zenith. You and I do indeed seem to be moving along similarly.

    My own sense is that something else you said is quite important. You mentioned that you didn’t think that averaging n=5 would be at all possible. Then you did it. That might help to build up some skepticism in any future thoughts of “n=x isn’t possible.”

    I’ll leave you with a relevant quote of which I am fond:

    “If a scientist says that something is possible he is almost certainly right; but if he says that it is impossible he is very probably wrong.”
    -Arthur C. Clarke

    Warm regards,

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