Working-Memory Training Report – Will – Session 52

Session number: 52

Average n-back: 5.25

Duration (min.): 20

Breakthrough session, finally broke the elusive 5 back.

Today I did two sessions back to back.

Session 51 (the one prior to my high score) was at 4.5 — 7 wrong at 4 back early in the session, tossing me back to 3 back and so was feeling off until later on block 12 or so when I began to gain some traction. I ended up with 6 back on the last block and felt good so I decided to play again. I wasnt at all mentally tired but ready to go, as if #51 was a warm up.

On my breakthrough session somewhere in the middle of it I almost hit 7 back, getting 3 wrong at 6 back, which was so motivating and helped me continue on. I hit 4 back only one time and bounced up back to 5 and stayed there.

I went straight through both sessions with no breaks at all. My plan now is to play tomorrow (I have the day off from work) and then take a day or two off and see what happens as far as a break working to consolidate gains goes…

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  1. martin says:

    Hey, Will.

    That’s great. Good for you.


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