Working-Memory Training Report – Shawn H – Session 8

Session number: 8

Average n-back: 3.35

Duration (min.): 40

Good Morning Everyone,

Good training this morning – well, I suppose all the trainings are “good” but today I feel good about what I accomplished. I also stayed pretty much positive during the whole training (except for a little glitch at the beginning) :)

I reached n=5 for the first time and I believe I can reach it again and I’m sure I can pass it (though I don’t have any strong proof of that as of yet)

I’ve also started my “mini goals” which I will write at the end of each training log – just as a reminder of where I am and where I’m going.

Here’s the run down for today.

Start: 5:30 am

n=3 6 misses (5 auditory misses)
n=2 2 misses
n=3 3 misses (much better)
n=3 5 misses (hard – barely holding on)
n=3 3 misses (better)
n=3 2 misses (both auditory)
n=4 2 misses (both visual – first time past 4)
n=5 10 misses (that’s ok)
n=4 6 misses
n=3 5 misses
n=3 1 miss (best on 3 yet)
n=4 8 misses
n=3 3 misses
n=3 2 misses
n=4 9 misses
n=3 4 misses
n=3 1 miss (did it again!)
n=4 7 misses
n=3 2 misses
n=4 3 misses (all visual – happy to start next training still on 4)

As I said, I feel good about today\’s training even with the glitch down to n=2 at the beginning.

Mini Goals:
Consistent 0 misses on n=2
Stay off n=2 entirely
Get mostly 0 misses on n=3
Stay on n=4 for a run of at least 3 blocks
Get to n=5 again

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Peace, Shawn

This post was submitted by Shawn.

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3 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – Shawn H – Session 8”

  1. martin says:

    Hi, Shawn.

    Good progress here. You must be focusing well to be shifting up through n=4 and even hitting n=5.


  2. Shaun Luttin says:

    Hi Shawn:

    Nice to hear from you again! I like the name “mini goals.” Congratulations on reaching n=5. If I were in your shoes, that would have felt like a mini rush. :) I think the training is funny mental weight lifting. It’s almost more like going for a mental jog rather than doing mental push ups. The training seems to have qualities of endurance more than strength training.


  3. Martin,

    Thanks for the comment. I was concentrating well when I went from n=4 to n=5. I came up with a cadence system but it only seemed to work this one time. I couldn’t get it back the next time I hit n=4. It did give me the confidence to know that I can reach n=5 on a consistent basis though. I have a feeling I may master n=4 in the not too distant future. (that’s my hope any way)


    Thanks. It really was a “mini rush” to reach n=5 for the first time – though it really came as a surprise to be honest. I was shocked to see I had made it. Your jogging analogy seems fitting. Distance is the key – though strength will support our endurance I think.

    Have a great day.

    Peace, Shawn

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