Working-Memory Training Report – Session 45

Session number: 45

Average n-back: 6.5

Tuesday November 25, 2008

Home, morning, ran.

Interested to see what happens after the big gain on the last session.

Starting on n=6. No misses.
Up to n=7. Two misses.
Up to n=8. Four misses.
Staying on n=8. Seven misses.
Down to n=7. Four misses.
Staying on n=7. Five misses.
Staying on n=7. Seven misses.
Down to n=6. Three misses.
Staying on n=6. Four misses.
Staying on n=6. Three misses.
Staying on n=6. Five misses. (Dangerously close to dropping down to n=5.)
Staying on n=6. One miss (meditated for a while before this block.)

Resuming on the day after thanksgiving. (No exercise for a couple of days, slightly hungover…)

Up to n=7. Eight misses.
Down to n=6. Four misses.
Staying on n=6. Eight misses.
Down to n=5. Four misses. (Disaster!)
Staying on n=5. Two misses (back up by the skin of my teeth!)
Up to n=6. Two misses. (After prolonged meditation.)
Up to n=7. Two misses. (After more meditation.)
Up to n=8. Ten misses. (No amount of meditation helped.)

Ending on 6.5. Dropping back from last session’s big increase (which seems to be a bit of a pattern)

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