Working-Memory Training Report – psychdoc – Session 16

Session number: 16

Average n-back: 5.80

Duration (min.): 50

I seem to lose focus as the session goes on. I just finished session #16 and I started out at n=7, was all excited about that, then went back down to n=6 by the middle of it. What’s the deal with that? Oh, by the way, this program seems to increase alertness and decrease depression. With that, I am amazed.
- Anne

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Anne.

    Yes. It seems there’s often a dip about two thirds of the way through the training. From reflecting on my own brain state while training I surmise that this dip comes when we have made the brain tired. The training demands extreme focus for quite a prolonged period.

    Our ability to remain focused for the full course of the session seems to improve with training (for me, after about 100 sessions, I felt that I could sometimes, not always, remain focused without this dip).

    I’m pleased that you’ve noticed the benefit to our sense of mental well being. I’ve written about possible relationships between working memory training and “happiness” in a couple of places on the blog


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