Working-Memory Training Report – Martin – Session 92

Session number: 5 – 16

Average n-back: 7.1

Duration (min.): 45

Afternoon. Yoga.

Well. An interesting session. I was trying to finish the training before I needed to break. This didn’t work out and the attempt seemed to rattle me. When I came back I was able to settle.

Finishing with a reason to feel good – reached n=10 for the first time.

n=7. Two misses.
n=8. Four misses.
n=8. Six misses.
n=7. Two misses.
n=8. Six misses.
n=7. Four misses.
n=7. Six misses. (Acknowledging the loss of focus. Trying to bring my attention to the moment.)
n=6. Three misses. (Again bringing my attention to the lack of focus.)
n=6. Five misses.
n=6. One miss.
n=7. Seven misses. (And again.)
n=6. Two misses.
n=7. Ten misses. (And again.)
Had to break to pick up my son from a play-date.
n=6. Two misses.
n=7. Three misses.
n=7. Four misses.
n=7. Two misses.
n=8. Five misses.
n=8. One miss.
n=9. Two misses. (Reaching n=10 for the first time. Felt quite solid on this round.)

Finishing with a mean n of 7.1
Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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5 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – Martin – Session 92”

  1. Shaun Luttin says:

    Congratulations Martin on reaching n=10!!!

    You could probably do it again, if you have to.

    I love what you’re doing with the training. You seem to be noticing the mind wandering, and then bringing it back. Then you again seem to be noticing the mind wandering and bringing it back. And again you do the same. And again.

    In my mind you are doing mental repetitions against resistance. And the result of mental repetitions is much more interesting than a bicep.


  2. Shawn says:

    Wow Martin,

    Congrats on reaching n=10!!

    Peace, Shawn

  3. martin says:

    Hi guys.

    Thanks for the congrats. It was one of those good moments in the training. And also odd to have got there after struggling with n=6 a short while earlier.


  4. Will says:

    N now equals NN, congratulations Martin!

    Quite a gorilla you have waiting for you in the ring.

  5. Shaun says:

    “Quite a gorilla you have waiting…”

    Will, I imagine that you mean Martin’s first block of the next training session will be n=10. That IS quite the way to start a new training session!!!

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