Working-Memory Training Report – Larry – Session 11

Session number: Eleven

Average n-back: 2.700

Duration (min.): 50 Min.

2.0 to 2.7 in eleven days, and I still do not feel superior… (Do I get my money back?)

Met my first n=4… we did Not get along well…

This post was submitted by Larry Detroit.

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2 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – Larry – Session 11”

  1. martin says:

    Hi, Larry.

    I’m pegging you as having a tendency toward irreverence (forgive me if I’m wrong), so I won’t take you completely at face value. But, in using the word ‘superior’ you do hit on a serious subject — what should people expect from the training?

    Improvement is the key. Everyone who works hard at the task should notice changes, in most cases dramatic changes, in some aspects of brain function — short term memory, focus, mental sharpness, etc.

    Raising your score from 2 to 2.7 is a 35% increase, which is all well and good, but doesn’t mean much if you don’t feel the impact.

    Here’s to the next 11 days…!

  2. Larry,

    Congrats on your first n=4. N=4 is definitely not the most friendly level. I didn’t get along well with it at first either. In fact, at first, I never thought I’d actually reach n=4. We still have a love/hate relationship but it is slowly giving way to my will :) Keep at it – It will come.

    Peace, Shawn

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