Session 14 5.85

Last session I dropped a bit to 6.3, and I dropped my performance a lot this time around. I felt tired, and most notably I was in a loud Starbucks. I had a lot of distractions this time. The Starbucks thing mixed with reving my brain up trying to focus caused all this weird thought activity. Pretty bad idea to be out here trying to perform well. Despite all of this this was the first session where I have sustained a level 8 run for awhile, before going back down to 7, 6, then the frustrating 5 for awhile. After this session I still have a lingering feeling of mental exhaustion which is the opposite of how I normally feel after training. I also had a spicy chicken sandwich and a dollar large Dr. Pepper 10 min prior, so that probably was huge too. Oops


Only thought I have after this one is that training in a public space might help in a much different way, and perhaps in a more applicable way like focusing amidst anxiety in an interview, or something.



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