SAT Prep – Bias Toward Wealthy

Although Sara Rimes NY Times article “Class of 2008 Matches ’07 on the SAT” dwells on the general trends in SAT test scores, the disparity in scores between the haves and the have-nots particularly caught my attention. This is a persistent problem in the country’s educational system and does not serve us well as a nation. From a societal perspective it is unfair and short-sighted that children from poor homes who cannot afford private school and expensive test prep programs therefore have less of a chance of getting into good schools and winning good jobs.

Long term, the country needs a better public system of education. But in the short term one of my hopes for Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is that it will help level the playing field. I’ve kept the price under $50 and at some point I’d like to develop a program for providing it at a discount for students.

With Brain Fitness Pro a test taker can boost his or her scores regardless of his or her socio-economic status.

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