Posit Science Brain Fitness Study

Ann Arbor News reports on a study of 524 people, age 65 to 93, using the PositScience Brain Fitness program. The study found:

  • delayed onset of significant brain deficits for up to 10 years or regain of 10 years of lost ability
  • 90 percent of Brain Fitness users reached brain processing speeds typical of people under 40
  • improvements in clinical tests of memory, focus and complex thinking
  • > 75 percent reports of benefits in daily life, including remembering a shopping list without writing it down, hearing conversations in noisy restaurants more clearly and feeling more independent

Now, why am I writing about Posit Science when this is the Mind Sparke Brain Fitness blog?

Two reasons:

1. Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro uses the only brain training method that has been scientifically proven through academic research to increase brain power.

2. The Posit Science Brain Fitness product costs several hundred dollars whereas Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro costs less than $50. (The difference can be attributed largely to lower overhead.)

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