Neurofeedback And Brain Plasticity


Neurofeedback TMS

Natural neurofeedback has been practiced for many years. By providing the subject with immediate feedback on the electrical activity in the brain, he or she can learn to modulate this activity. Up until now the direct impact of this process on brain mechanics has been little understood.

In a groundbreaking study, scientists from the University of London have gleaned the first evidence of neuroplastic changes associated with neurofeedback training. Thirty minutes of mindful control of brain waves can induce a persistent change in brain activity and response.

Tomas Ros and co-authors Diane Ruge and Moniek Munneke, under the supervision of Professors John Gruzelier and John Rothwell, showed that activating neurofeedback (suppressing alpha brainwaves) increased cortical responsiveness and significantly improved synaptic communication. These effects were observed for more than 20 minutes, a time-span consistent with neuroplastic change.

These findings call for a reexamination of prior studies of neurofeedback training, and hold out promise for natural brain training therapies.

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