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Hi Marten, my name is Joe and I’ve been interested in neuroplastisity for several years. I have tried various techniques for staying sharp, from digit span and reaction time drills , studying chess , to brain wave entrainment. Though all gave me some small success I feel none have been as effective at sharpening my focus, awareness and listening skills as brain fitness pro.

I became a member of IHIQ society about six months ago, and at about that time took the Danish Mensa Raven Matrices test on the Internet and scored 122. After approx 30 sessions of mind fitness pro while my best block was n=3.80, I scored 130 . I was quite impressed with that gain. The second time around I wasn’t focusing on how difficult the questions were getting as the test progressed, but rather on the changing patterns.

I am certainly not a natural at this type of training as my first 40 or so sessions averaged in the mid to upper n=3.0. In my last 8 sessions however I have discovered how to chunk my focus, Imagining small triangles etc. and am proud to announce I hit n=7 this morning ( 7 hits 8 misses) for a session best of n=5.30. The training is tough but as a crossfitter I can be stubborn. My advice to people would be to not give up. Thanks for a great program, and do continue to produce effective science based products in the future. Sincerly,  Joe Cucuzza.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello Joe.

    Thank you for this. It’s great to have this kind of feedback. Good for you on sticking with it and achieving these kinds of gains in IQ as well as n-back.

    Best wishes,

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