Brain Training Updates – Pro, SE, and IC

Today we’ve released an interim update to the MindSparke suite of brain training programs, Brain Fitness Pro, SE and IC. This update includes the following changes:

1. In Stages 3 and 4, the N-level indicator will now change color at the end of a training block when the N-level moves up or down.  The background will show green when the N-level increases, and orange when it decreases. Otherwise it will remain white.


2. We’ve added subscription status and subscription management features to the Profile panel.  If you need to update your payment method, cancel your subscription, or renew your subscription you can get to these functions through the Profile panel (click on the toolbar button that looks like the a person’s silhouette).

3. We’ve added version management. Version management happens behind the scenes but should prevent you having to reload the program or clear your browser’s cache when we release further updates in the future.

Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions!

Best wishes,
Martin Walker

MindSparke Working Memory Training

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